About Harvod

Harvod, a Royal Dutch Brand, is environmental friendly and high-tech enterprise and has been engaged in designing and producing bike and e-bike for many years. We drive and implement Operational Excellence during the process of manufacturing vehicles to exceed cyclist expectation through the applications of a variety of principles and methodologies, such as 6Sigma , Lean Thinking and Kaizen etc.

Harvod vehicles stand for quality, fashion and technology. We live up to customers expectation particularly in terms of a wide range of individual needs which makes us to struggle to keep reliable and top performance of our vehicles delivered to customers in all times. We are always on the road and focusing on the design and innovation of products to deliver efficiency, fun and convenience for peoples' commuting and travel.

You think about what a bike or vehicles which suits your situation best. You might love elegant shape and gorgeous colors, or beautiful and smooth line profile, or maybe lightweight ones, or simplicity but functional. At Harvod, we can advise and give you each option from the range of our products. The electric bicycle and e scooter is eco-friendly and functional compared with fuel and petrol motorbike and scooter , will be popular over time with a positive boost. The smart e-scooters are easy to cross any streets and alleys which were designed to promote funny, efficiency and convenience during your both commuting and travel time.

Harvod products have been making a beautiful road and urban landscape in many cities and towns worldwide. Please join us and start the smooth and comfortable ride with Harvod products, experience the elegance and fascination  of moving with Harvod products. We are sure you will thoroughly enjoy and be excited with the fabulous moving experience during the journeys.

Harvod will make it all possible !

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