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E06 City Bike
 Short Description 
    √  Dutch Design
    √  Up to 5 years warranty
    √  Rear Drive Motor
    √  Modern styling
    √  3-speed gears
    √  Stable and high quality
    √  Integrated LED lighting
    √  Foldable


GEAR Shimano nexus 3 speed
Motor 36V 250W,whispering, rear drive motor 
Frame    20"
Battery 36V 8.8AH   Lithium-ion Battery 
Action range up to 70 km 
Max. speed 25 km / h
Warranty Up to 5 years
RIMS  20" ,J19DG
Ties K-924,20*2.125,30TPI
Chain closet Full closed chain closet
Front fork 20" ,non-supension fork
Saddle Gel, feathered,comfortble saddle
Lighting LED, rear light integrated with battery
Front BRAKE 857AL,V-brake,black
Rear Brake V-brake
Display LED 3 levels display , L790
Safety Axa Defender RL ring lock
CHAIN Z51NP,98L,silver, KMC
SPOKES 13G,stainless steel,SLE


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